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Sep 12, - Elana Champion of Lust - Chapter 2 - Updated - Version Alpha. 0 Lesbians, Blonde, Elf, Fairy, Cumshot, Footjob, Orgy, Public Sex, Anal.

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October 27, October 27, 1. September 12, September 12, 0.

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June 16, June 16, 0. September 30, September 30, 0.

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What is galery code? Does anyone have the other cheat codes too please?

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Alexis will you be releasing the new Elana update? When i got it i will upload it.

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Dont understand what you want. Im not a Patreon of his so i elwna have the Images. Does anyone have any idea when it will be uploaded?

lust 2 elana cheats of champion

Pretty simple, when i have it. Press 0 to open console in-game, make sure the box only contains "kgallthings", press 0 again to unlock the gallery.

lust cheats elana 2 champion of

What's the process I have to do? Lee lee Da myrtle hentai Aashir ch In here there are all the scenes and all elana champion of lust 2 cheats interactions with every character so go here if you don't want to do any work.

In this world, Elana would move through to the different areas as if walking through them instead of always have to go back to the map.

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We might even do an animation of Elana walking if Root is able to make it look good enough. We would do standing images for all the characters like we did for Rala, Tina, Hot adult sex videos Elana champion of lust 2 cheats different facial expressions to accompany the text no sure if they will be animated because it will be lot of them.

We would use a more classic RPG dialogue system, which will help us to shorten the texts and also show almost always images in the screen, making the texts parts less tedious and more fluid.

lust 2 elana cheats of champion

This areas would, most likely, have a special minigame at the end, in order to complete them. There would be a sex academy, this academy would be the center of everything, the main core. Also, I wish the geyms included scenes of the fishmarket woman minigame.

lust of cheats champion elana 2

There's nowhere to type it in on the options menu. Save often and you won't have to redo it if champlon get stuck. Other then that it's a pretty amazeballs game.

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Tina on the farm and Loola at the market are important people, as are a couple of other elves you meet along the way.

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Development of Elana Champion of Lust and more. This is the last alpha from chapter 2 because next one will enter into beta state! Hope you'll enjoy!


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Walkthroughs of free adult flash games - Elana Champion of Lust (Alpha )

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Elena Champion Of Lust Chapter Two

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