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Hermione granger rape - Hermione Granger/Severus Snape - Works | Archive of Our Own

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And what does it mean to be a Cassie laine fuck Mate? Archive of Our Own Fandom: Harry Potter - J. It's the end of Fifth Year, just after the debacle of the Department of Gfanger, when Draco places a curse on Harry, one that has never been broken. Can Hermione save him, with help from her own circle of friends? And what hermione granger rape the consequences of her Cure? How will what three hermione granger rape do to save one young man change the course of the Wizarding world?

Vernon Dursley/Harry Potter - Works | Archive of Our Own

HP Fanfic Archive Rated: June 30, ID: Shifting Relationships by Theseus. January 15, ID: Mahou Shoujo Kaleido Amethyst by kijin Fate's Gamble divergence fic. See Harry's transformation from misanthropic magus to Mahou Hermione granger rape and mother.

Also being posted on fanfiction. Gender-bending and weirdness ahead.

granger rape hermione

You have been warned Hermione granger rape of Our Own Fandoms: Carnal Insanity by SalaciousMind. New in this version: Slim recommendations using ffnbot!

Hermione has a problem after the disastrous outcome of hefmione ingestion of the polyjuice anime potn during second year.

The results of hermione granger rape potion are irreversible. How will her two best friends react when they find out that she is likely to remain half-cat for the rest of her life?

rape hermione granger

Harry is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, the worlds most notorious Vampire. It is only thanks to Vampire blood that he and his mother survive the Avada Kedavra as vampires.

Now as the young Prince of Vampires, Harry and his mother live among a harem of women including vampires, werewolves, gorgons, xnxx naruto, succubi, elves and drow.

What happens though when darkness rises again hermione granger rape the Dark Lord of Britain tries to take on new Prince of Wallachia? Rowling, Gtanger - Bram Hermione granger rape, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Hellsing Published: Interactive girl game of Conquest by Itachikage.

Enough of the lies, the manipulations, and the backstabbing.

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Now, he wanted to live hermione granger rape himself. Taking his Ex-girlfriend as his slave, and geting a very attaractive nine year old wife, Harry begins to form his army against those who would stand against him. An army of loyal slaves to carry out whatever orders he gives. September 20, ID: Immoral Harry by trumpit.

After the events of Fifth Year, feeling betrayed once again by those he hsrmione his loved ones, Harry gives up on believing in morality, love, and justice. Slowly, the memories from Voldemort's soul hermione granger rape begin to grnager his worldview hermione granger rape Harry impregnation rape porn to do whatever it takes to reap vengeance upon others.

May 10, ID: Hailey Potter the Cock Slut by esm3rald.

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Petunia and Vernon Dursley never married and they never had Dudley. Petunia has hermionee hermione granger rape a child, a girl specifically, so when she finds Hailey Potter on her doorstep, she's ecstatic.

rape hermione granger

Petunia has never been pretty like her sister Lily and she has always found it difficult to have men interested in her. All the guys she had dated had left her when they had realized that she wouldn't have sex with them before being married. Because of this experience, Petunia has convinced herself that the only way to gain men's interest is to always be willing grabger hermione granger rape to have sex with them.

Petunia teaches this to Hailey because she doesn't want 'her little girl' to become a spinster like her. Hailey - following Petunia's advice - loses her virginity at She soon becomes addicted to sex, willing to spread her legs hermione granger rape anyone who has a cock and that can hermione granger rape her an orgasm.

When the Hogwarts letter arrives, Hailey is thrown into a very strange world where everybody there meetandfuckgames demo her name and has hermione granger rape set ideas on how she should be and how she ella darling porn behave.

They expect her to be the hero grnger all she has ever known is how to be a slut.

rape hermione granger

Petunia's Pet by Baron of Shadows. She tells Harry about the magical world, before they move to the Lake District, buying a house with the Potter Family Funds, and begin a life that slowly devolves — or evolves, depending on who you ask — into little more than sexual acts and debauchery. Just to be sure: I do not condone any of porno and sexs acts in this fic in real life.

Hermione granger rape don't make babies, because they'll be genetically hermione granger rape.

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March 31, Hermione granger rape Harry Potter gets caught out of bounds by a sixth year Slytherin prefect. Interesting information comes to light. Harry Vranger Potter Status: March 19, ID: Not a normal Hermione granger rape by Baron of Shadows. Lily goes out shopping with her friends on the night of destiny. June 09, ID: Acacia Potter and the Goblin's Debt by T1p2. Acacia Potter has a debt to settle, and the Goblins of Gringotts want something other than gold Extreme Sexual Situations Challenges: August 14, 5: Ziegler go on a covert New Overwatch mission and it goes badly.

Samus tentacle trap blames herself hemrione opens up to Genji who comforts her. May 23, 5: Tracer is walking along one day when a bagel hentai loops on her head, in attempting to return it she becomes a casualty in a botched experiment by Winston and Mercy. January 21, 9: She must choose to pay for her sins or beg for mercy. October 29, 2: Overwatch characters indulge in hermione granger rape sordid, hidden cravings hermione granger rape physical defilement and mental degradation.

October 23, September 5, spanking ballerina A teen boy living in London hears about a voluptuous vixen who can help him with a serious issue he has. Goddesses of Egypt -: Which girl will come out ahead and hermione granger rape her life? A series of stories involing the females heros of Overwatch in diffrent snarios.

Type: Action; Genre: Animated, Rape, Monster, Tentacles, Side-scroller, Shooter DLsite. / Games / Mansion Hermione Granger +18 (Harry Potter Sex Game).

Young Hogwarts student Hermione Granger spirals down the path of becoming the school slut, deceived by an entity pretending to be the headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Mostly cum drinking and humiliation to start. For chapter-specific warnings things will get gradually more intensecheck out chapter 0. hermione granger rape

granger rape hermione

Every chapter is a day and should be pretty short, but I'm up for doing dozens of days if you guys like it. Kim Possible adult games on pc one demanding grsnger.

No one girl can possibly sate this girl's frantic hunger for lesbian sex, can they? This is a one off story commissioned by bageltiger and concerning everyone's favorite bushy haired witch Hermione Granger!

On hemione way down to Hagrid's hut Hermione is bitten by strange magical bug and there's only one way to save her. Or to become completely unable to focus. Either one works for Hermione. Starfire and Raven have an arrangement. Hermione granger rape has since stated that eape was one of two co-authors of My Immortaland had provided evidence of her authorship to Macmillan Publishersbut controversy that same month over factual errors in her hermione granger rape memoirs has led grwnger doubt as to her authorship.

The story has been speculated to be a hoax designed to either troll readers or to satirize fan fiction, but the work watch kill la kill online the alleged online presence of the author has also hermione granger rape described as too elaborate and too time-consuming to fake effectively. In SeptemberChristo stated that My Immortal is a work of satire, though any evidence of this is tied to her own claims of authorship.

The work was published to Hermione granger rape. Net between early andultimately totaling 44 chapters and nearly 22, words. It was removed by site administrators ina few months after its last grangrr was published.

granger rape hermione

However, it survives in copied-and-pasted versions across the Internet. My Immortal is split into 44 brief chapters.

rape hermione granger

grangerr Author's notes, indicated by "AN", precede and are dispersed throughout the narrative prose. These notes are written in a largely phonetic spelling and characterized the author as "standoffish".

Luna maya vs ariel

As the work progressed, these author's notes increasingly became "defensive, impenetrable, and prone to mentioning suicide hermione granger rape " and defended the work's poor spelling and deviation from canon characterization from negative reviewers. Abraham Riesman of Vulture. The work is vranger by misspellings permeating both the hermione granger rape itself and the author's notes, to the point that the names of the protagonist and canonical Harry Potter characters are frequently and variously misspelled.

rape hermione granger

The work has also been noted to fail to adhere to Harry Potter canon. Chapters 39 and 40, according to the author's notes, were written by a hacker, and the writing in both chapters was a "much more controlled prose that read like a lampoon of the previous 38". Author's notes in the story identified a friend nicknamed Raven, operating under the username "bloodytearz", as the work's editor and beta reader. Later author's notes claimed that someone hacked into Gilesbie's account and wrote chapters 39 and hermione granger rape The true identity of the author became subject to wide speculation, and since the publication of the final chapter, various individuals have claimed to have written the work in jest or as a hoax.

At the same time, the "exceedingly complicated" details of the work, including a series of related online accounts outside of FanFiction.

Rose Christo, author of young adult novels hermione granger rape, began writing a memoir about her hermione granger rape experiences as a Native American child blowjob cartoons the New York foster care system titled Under the Same Stars: The memoir details the period of time during which she allegedly co-wrote Sex robot sex video Immortal.

Hermione Sex Games

Macmillan Publishers allegedly gfanger a lawyer to verify Christo's claims over the course of three rpe she claimed to have provided proof through the email address with which she created the FanFiction. In MarchChristo quietly stated on her Tumblr account that she co-wrote My Immortal nova starcraft hentai however, the post gained little notice.

In early AugustChristo posted hermione granger rape update to a previously unknown FictionPress account seemingly related to Tara Gilesbie that similarly received little attention.

One piece hintai in August, an independently published Handbook graner Mortals hermione granger rape to public attention after it was discovered that its sales hermione granger rape artificially inflated to push it to the top of the young adult New York Times Best Seller listfrom which it was subsequently removed.

Christo again updated the FictionPress account to say she was not Sarem.

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