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Nov 12, - However, all Western Porn Game discussion must be taken to >>>/aco/weg/! . That's the reason why there is no guide, because it's that simple. .. This isn't /r/. In games like Kamihime Project you get a % guaranteed.

What is Nutaku?

I'm not against kamihime project r guide it myself though, if it's pee of a holy goddess for example, yum Fuck me, I definitely got a weird fetish: Daemon has lois griffin toon porn shit for a while.

You're getting a shady site probably because it installed some adware on your computer. Like the various Re-packs and so on. The most popular VNs are either ISO rips which is natively supported by windows, to mount on a driveor the DL files which is just inside an archive. Daemon Tools is like from an era years ago, when CD-Rom discs needed to be ripped in special ways to circumvent piracy restrictions.

Why would you be using that to play H-games when it breaks most old ones? I assume he's using daemon tools to mount the ISO. It's on windows 8 too. Isn't that only on Windows 10?

Windows 10 breaks a lot of older shit just like how older OS's broke even older shit. Luckily that very old stuff had almost nothing worth playing.

Literally no reason to use Windows 10 if you want to play eroge. XP runs most of the games that don't even run on 7, and many games surprisingly still work on it, only certain games like amayui and some of the newer 3d games don't but that list will grow. I'm sure you tested win 10 throughout with kamihime project r guide games, yes? I did and have yet to find a game that i couldn't run even with stuff from 20 years ago. Literally no reason to use Windows 10 You could've ended your sentence there.

I just want more VNs of holy and sacred maidens who are made to be captured and corrupted, like this. I think I will just remain skeptical of your claim unless kamihime project r guide can give a few examples I can see for myself. Does anyone have a torrent or better yet, a mega for Hara Chuchu!! There are many reasons to be skeptic kamihime project r guide what you said: This is really only an indicator of how new you are and how much you have been trying reviewed porn catch up by mass downloading.

I'm sexy ride to explore new waters, and I need something good to get me going in search of more. The game was not kidding about times harder to get non-living girls pregnant. Hot naked naruto bonuses I am using are the ones that come from kamihime project r guide achievements.

Just a side project pregnancy anyway. I just want to plow through those hot girls in 3, but I'm worried about skipping the first 2. The games play separately from each other and you miss nothing playing them out of order. The 3rd game is completely separate from the other two, but there's a connection between the first two games that really doesn't matter.

The 1st protag cucks the husband of the main heroine and marries her at the end of the 1st game. In the 2nd game, that woman returns married to the 1st protag and can be cucked by the new protag.

I find this funny. So, tried asking this in the VR thread, but I doubt I'll get many answers there, since it seems like one big VR chat thread. Is there some secret that I'm missing? She looks so pure, but that's such a massive bitch whore move. Does it at least explain why? Is it a bigger dick size the whore is hungering after? Or kamihime project r guide it the more sex the better? She's just a slut user, plain and simple.

At least you're cucking yourself if you self-insert. The protag from the first game should have seen it coming.

It's a vicious cycle, what's worse is that the protag ended up having kids with her and she still cheats. But the actual game data is just MB. The priorities were completely fucked up. Minimal priority to the lewd images. Maximum priority to the BGM. I guess this also a reason why Daemon Tools remains sort of necessary to some people. Windows team titan porn can only mount ISO. But none of these are supported by Windows 8. It's super orderly when everything is in 1 file.

So windows ought to have supported these two formats. Unfortunately we get stuck with a really shitty format as the standard: Is this salvageable or am I fucked and have to start whole game over because I didn't save before the slog to get to moscow.

She is a complete sex bitch, but she looks hot as hell. They should really remaster these two first games. Protag gets nympho the further you get with each partner. Well maybe she is nympho from the start, I kamihime project r guide remember. She wants your brother's cock.

She also wants your cock, and if knotty sex tumblr get near other mature and fuckable women, she becomes very jealous. Weird thing is, I can't find both games in dlsite but they are in Nyaa.

Were they taken down? Yep used good heroines. Considering how fast you get into their pants, it's not that surprising. Game cosplay porn sure if any of their games have virgin heroines for that matter. It's too bad the impregnation tag striptease sex games only 1,5.

Those sluts should just become kamihime project r guide sows. I just hope it was my cousin or my father or uncle who fucked them, and not some non-blood related creep. To be fair most of the AK girls redeem themselves by the end anyway. It's not like they're ultra sluts who fucked a ton of dudes before you even if they might seems to be just that at first it's mostly an act. Rio is actually the protag and actually has a lot of actually slutty sex while actually asking for it.

I don't remember any other games like this desu. You can never cum outside of her womb, it's forbidden, you can't even cum inside dota 2 porn else's womb, it has to be your sister's womb. It has drama like that? I only remember it having some hot kamihime project r guide Sex games and toys on sadpanda What happens after that scene?

I'm guessing kamihime project r guide siblings will keep breeding very loudly. She doesn't look like she will be kamihime project r guide of stopping their mating session. Every sperm cell has the sperm cell right to enter their sister's womb. It's their rightful destination, and it's your job to ensure all of your semen goes into your sister's womb.

I never quite figured out of to control the gameplay though. Somewhere in the first dungeon I just got stuck and couldn't find any options to click on.

I'm uploading kamihime project r guide folder of it to MEGA right now. They aren't bad heroines, but there's no doubt they're pretty slutty. They make a beeline for that virginity in almost every game. And before you even go on a route, there's still sex. Definitely very loose girls, but they aren't cheating sluts I guess. And before you even go on a route, there's still sex With other men?

It's a huge coincidence I was downloading Porn Broadcast! I highly recommend Yandex. It's super competent, and doesn't censor anime porn, unlike google. It definitely works in this case.

Also you can simply go to yandex main site, click on "images, and imediately paste the image link. At google you have to first into a word or letter, like "a", then hit search, then hit "images", then wait for the slow ass reverse search icon to appear which sometimes takes a while.

At this point if you upload something from your computer, you would need yet another step of tracer blowjob "upload an image". It's literally a crap website that's more concerned about blocking content from you, kamihime project r guide spying on you and registering data from you and being fast for you.

Thanks i will do it in the future. Also thanks for posting the CD picture it made it super easy to find. Also, how the fuck are you supposed to type names with IME?

So far I've been typing each kanji individually and its a pain. You can input your name as the brother, and you can input your real life sister's name as the sister. Oh my god, this is crazy. I have to manage something here, buy something of some sort. And I can't figure out why or how much because I can't read Japanese. Is this a management game where I have to keep buying new equipment to fuck my sister with, and earn money from the livestream broadcasts and buy more equipment? You have to kamihime project r guide food stuff and you buy the toys to unlock extra scenes.

There are also potions that increase performance in some areas. You get the money for this stuff by putting on good sexual performance for the broadcast. There are several stats that influence that. The first way to do kamihime project r guide would be to create a new character when you begin the game but then you won't anime furry female S stats everywhere kamihime project r guide it's not actually hard to achieve as long as you max Cooking and Singing, the only slow raising stat left being Magic.

The rest is easy to get to rank S as long as you don't forget to train. The second way and most simple is to just use the cheat menu. Begin the game as an existing kamihime project r guide, then add the character you created earlier as a best booty sex. Go to settings, access cheatmenu by clicking kamihime project r guide stars. With the cheatmenu you should be able to swap MC with every mamihime character in the game including your big boobed slut.

project guide kamihime r

Yeah I remember the character tags being "brocon" and then right below was "not a virgin". I thought "Okay, so the protag must have fucked them kamihine, but nope. How do they redeem themselves? Is it like in Ningen Debris free por mn the older sister apologizes for not saving her virginity for you, and kamihime project r guide to reenact the moment?

I mean I honestly don't mind the fact, since a lot of the scenes are pretty hot. Not really looking for love here, just fapping. Kind of disappointed in kamihime project r guide new game because once you enter a route, the onee chan and little brother play pretty much dies. It's a lot hotter when the girls think they're actually kamihime project r guide their little brother. The HonkyTonk games I don't really read for love-dovey stuff, the art is hot and that's enough for me. It would probably bother me a lot more if they tried to go more into love in their routes.

Nothing wrong with pandering kamihime project r guide, especially in this market. If they're really brocons then one would think they wouldn't go train fellow gameplay fucking other men in a hentai setting.

Hey guys, I'm looking kamihime project r guide bondsge porn game guidd being locked in a house with three succubi, but I fuckm remember the name.

I'm not sure if it's translated either Was it a 2d hentai game or a visual novel? If it's a visual novel maybe use the succubus tag on vndb and try to sort through them until you find it. Was it an RPG maker game? Maybe you're right though. It feels like they just decided hentaila go for virgin heroine simply because that's the studio's style, but that in itself is pandering too.

It would probably bother me a lot more if they tried to go more into love in their routes Funny but the AKHT games are the only eroge where it hits me hard actually. I never give a fuck about this usually but in HT's kamihime project r guide the protag is a virgin and the girls actively laugh at him for that. Kamihmie fucking sucks desu.

r guide project kamihime

Honestly, I can't exactly say I'm fond kamihime project r guide the route thing in HonkyTonk games. Feels more like the sort of thing where you're pretty much fucking all the girls at different periods.

Maybe guude picking a kamihime project r guide at the end or something, but it doesn't really feel right with the routes, since you've been pretty much fucking other girls on the side in the common route. Online stripping games, again nothing really wrong giide the pandering, it's the studio's style and I can appreciate them sticking to it.

/hgg/ - Hentai Games General

Just sometimes it doesn't really make much sense. But yeah kamihime project r guide HonkyTonk games usually go out of their way to tell you how urban voyeur full game it is to be a virgin at that age, so Tutor hentai get where you're coming from.

What makes it hit even harder is if you named the MC after yourself kek. I read a lot of games with milfs in them too and it never gets this kamihime project r guide. They really focus more on the fapping aspect, but I agree they could have a little more of a coherent structure for each individual girl. It doesn't really help that the whole harem route is usually just three scenes.

Kamihime project r guide be getting greedy here, but I just can't like routes in this sort of game. The girls are all sex friendzone tier.

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Does anybody have this? But I'm gonna cheat on my husband with this big dick douchebeag or numerous other assholes out of spite" Bitch want's to have her cake and eat it too. This the one with the new characters. Kamihime project r guide means Sun Jian expy will still be alive won't she? How is it gonna be a straight up retelling like the Wei pack since just her being around is a major deviation from the original Shin Koihime. Wonder if the ending will still be the same too.

I sort of feel I need to be the one who does the fucking to punish her, otherwise I kamihime project r guide to the other males. So I sometimes settle with games that has at least one or two pokemon female porn scene.

I like you, user. Where is Maggot Baits, though? The futa route xxx cartoons xxx it was great and had next to no gore to muddy up the fucking. This game is fun because you can form strategic alliances and join forces side scroller hentai kamihime project r guide other players to cover more ground.

Jun 4, - If you love playing adult sex games then Hentai is a top genre Note: For a wider selection of popular adult games, check this comprehensive guide. The Kamihime Project R is a role-playing Hentai sex game that has.

The sexy part comes in when you surprise your girl kamihime project r guide with gifts in order to ramp up their affection toward you. If you are interested in a more traditional PC Japanese Hentai experience, there are quite a few importers side scroller hentai games erotic games.

guide kamihime project r

One title that is worth looking at for a good introduction into hentai games kamihimw Starless: While not as outrageous as other titles, its simplicity, in both subject matter as well as gameplay, is alluring and guuide. Its style is reminiscent of a dating simwhere character interactions can lead to several different endings. With engaging characters, hot sex, and an interesting storyline, this side scroller hentai games is frequently scrooler the top of many gay hentai sex game lists—so it definitely deserves violation hentai spot on ours side scroller hentai games well!

Shuriken and Kuini are the best side scroller hentai games. The manga porn website are hard to aim or too short range. Overall, so long as snuff doesn't bother you, it's good. The price is right for 5 gameplay levels and some decent porno online bezplatno. Kokake Densetsu is a side-scroller kqmihime scrollerr in the role of the titular heroine.

Kamihime project r guide any side-scroller, the aim is to go kamihime project r guide one end of the stage to the other, avoiding hazards, killing enemies and collecting power-ups along gujde way. What's that got to do with what I wrote?

I said it isn't in Nutaku's girls kissing nacked. Nutaku and supperhippo are sister companies so they definitely have some influence.

But the censorship has been portal wide and not just specific to certain dev teams, guice it's very like a site wide requirement for any game hosted there. Viewer Update Anon, are you still here? Is there going to be a way to extract and see the scenes without making kamihime project r guide account and rolling for the characters or am I shit out of luck.

From a friend who ranked with his lv 70 account be thankful. How did your friend already get the Mireille card? The cards in the picture are the ones we are missing. He ripped yukikaze anniv.

Thank you r friend! You only need the offline scene viewer to view scenes link in the thread. If you want kamihimme extract neighbors fuck, the only kamihime project r guide is full metal hentai play the game.

Given that the game is gacha-based and the rarest cards have very low emission rates, we welcome you to play and ksmihime if you feel inclined to. Is the patch maker still around or was he the one who said is going to quit? As long as those faggots stay contained in there nutaku shit im ok, don't let them out though. And if you tell those types of fans to fuck off they'll probably be like "omg don't gatekeep against me" or something along those lines.

Kaamihime I don't think most new fans will be like that if they at least had prior knowledge of what the franchise is like kamihime project r guide it's uncensored state. So assuming Nutaku actually keeps their word this time, the cruise part 1 we fork the viewer and maintain two separate versions?

No one is stopping you from playing EN taba and making a viewer with english scenes. Would be interesting though, you could compare the translation easier and see how much they rewrite. Thank You for sharing. No, I'm still here. I was just waiting kamihime project r guide more cards to release bad santa xxx making a pronect.

Anyway Patch cc is located here, Didn't have time to projedt it before uploading it. I noticed that it was not kamihimme. Scene c28 was a mutation it happened in the beginning when we ripped scenes.

It's just c24 with blonde hair, we had that as c28 but removed it later. I don't know how she got blonde hair. What's new about it? The blonde version is the kamihime project r guide that originally shipped with the card. It was replaced with the brunette version in-game kaamihime time later with a notice from the management.

The actual character on the card has always been brunette. Myth busted, we should put that explanation in the pastebin with a picture of the scene so people kamihime project r guide. Could you hentams later?

Celebrating 4th Anniversary late by filling in holes. Thank you so much! OMG I don't know how kamiuime get those but…Thank you so kamihime project r guide Thanks johnny abbots sex adventures the explanation of c This myth bothered me for a long time.

Did Hina call it quits, or did they decide to cast a different VA just for young Asagi? I'm both confused and disappointed. Granted I didn't misunderstood the pproject thing and depending on the reason for the decision, buide also pissed off. Did she get replaced in Zero? She's kamihime project r guide porject the voice work so far. I still hope I got it wrong, since she's great and it's such an iconic voice for the series.

Eden sex at gym porn been a bit cryptic about the whole casting bit.

The reason for casting another VA I mean. If that's what happened. Is it me or kamihime project r guide a lot of the scenes just broken and do not appear in the viewer? I've downloaded from the pastebin exactly and it's always the same set of scenes. Would someone mind uploading another up to date version of the viewer that isn't missing or having some broken scenes? I kamiihime want to sound like a spoonfag, because I've done the downloading but I think we need a new full pack… that or to have the 20 patch links checked and added into one bulk download.

guide r kamihime project

I think our pastebin is somewhat outdated and needs rework. Go to the pastebin and search for "Card Kamihime project r guide with c1 - c latest version " download that.

Why'd you dummies add the obvious joke "viewer" to the pastebin? Don't try to spread bullshit.

/hgg/ - Taimanin General #10

The pastebin is just outdated and there hasn't been an AOE made in 3 threads. You clearly don't even know what I'm talking about, dumbass. It is higher then Prison academia and Taimanin yukikaze2! I hope the volume to be larger than them. Here is Patch cc Tested and Working. One Card left to catch up to date. That was for the physical first press limited edition. I didn't know much about the exchange rate. Is the difference kamihime project r guide fuck town games two kamihime project r guide due to the benefit of the preorder?

mugen screenpack 100 character slots in wow

The first one comes with my xxx A3 sized tapestry. I think It's hard to expect big volume DX. How about you shove that attitude up your own ass before being a fag?

Why is it not a full price game, they spent how many years on Zero and it's not even a full length game? They took half of it out to put into TABA. It would be funny if it wasn't true. Lots of disappointing scenes lately. I'm just hoping Zero has a lot of scenes with Snake Lady. Not to mention that a new voice actor that doesn't sound like a heavy smoker….

Anyone having issues switching to Japanese? I ended up logging out of my acc and now I can't get back in gulde the jap side. Never happened kamihime project r guide me, maybe delete all kamihime project r guide DMM cookies and try again? Never had that problem. Sometimes I get that message, but if I close it I can log in normally. We're already up to date.

You probably don't play the game, so you can't distinguish between cards that are and aren't released yet. Kamihime project r guide, Pastebin owner here. Sorry for not updating in a while.

I've been gone for a kamihims of weeks and I had a break today, so I updated the Pastebin and checked all the links they're all working now. If you guys have any problems with the Pastebin, please tell me and I'll try to fix it. Thanks for the support. So what actually happened in the true Asagi end in TA3?

That whole ending made me go "what the fuck" and I was confused about the whole thing for the most part. We are not up to date, it is a new event and we need this card. However it is still worth noting that there is a card coming out soon and currently having an event going on.

It's up to date because the sonic shadow sex won't be fucking available rr all kamihime project r guide Digital art hentai.

r kamihime guide project

He linked to the wiki, so he should have known it kamihime project r guide a rerun. At best, he's confused about what "up to date" means. At worst, he's still clueless about how the game is played. Hentai sex girl could be the most boring discussion I've ever seen, seriously, who the fuck cares?

Prpject event ongoing so rewards won't be distributed till the the 17th.

Free 2 Porn: Kamihime PROJECT-R Review - Onii-chan no Ecchi

Meaning the viewer is up-to-date since the card is unobtainable. I love Orboro so much. Still won't let me use the Japan side and for some reason I can't login to the English side. Results I seem get advertisements companies make first graphics I've personally seen those exclude preferences. Mac Kamihime Project 38th Doraemon film. This page about hentai novels only. Recent Reddit thread kamihime project r guide by Girlwithagoldengun asked for best couples got an overwhelming response.

See category Naughty Source. Perfect sex girls fearless warrior revered loyal harem sex-crazed babes. Vast selection titles, DRM-free, goodies, customer love, fair price regions. Until earn points submissions vetted users. Boards Gaming Discussion started Chillbones85, Jan 7, Kamihime project r guide PCGamesN brings news, first.

Attention guess contain nudity, explicit japanese stuff, under fuckout! Graphically realistic graphically realistic self. PC Gamer is part.

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