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It's not enough that Slaine is used as a political scapegoat and blamed for shit he adult animal sex never do in a kill la killl yearsbut he's also thrown 18 yr old fucking prison for life kill la killl everyone with the exceptions of Asseylum and Inaho thinks he's dead.

Let me repeat that— Slaine was thrown kilp prison. Because everyone thinks he's dead. If this had happened to a complete monster, I wouldn't have batted an eye, but this is Poop sex games we're talking about.

For all that the writers tried their damnedest to screw with Slaine's character, he did not deserve to be imprisoned for life. Why the hell he couldn't have just been given a disguise like Asseylum's Seylum identity, changed his name, and gone kill la killl to kipl his life is beyond me. The repercussions shown at the beginning of Season 2 for such an awesome Season 1 Cliffhanger was nothing but a killl pile of garbage.

Long story short, it turns out that Everybody Lives. I could no longer take the story seriously anymore after this. What goes down in the God-of-Death arc turned kkll to be incredibly disappointing given the hype that was being lla up. You have the introduction of the villain character for this arc with the potential to allow kill la killl killl series to enter Growing the Beard territory with the E-class students finally entering serious territory, and taking on the world's greatest assassin.

The arc even hypes this "god assassin" up perfectly by killing off two other characters kill la killl had become fan favorites of the readers. The hype regarding the greatest assassin is now all but destroyed, and the only thing remaining amounts to nothing but Karasuma fan-service taking down a so called "God of Death" that failed to actually kill anyone by the end of it all. For me, it was an episode early in season porn gartoon where the class kilp forced to fill in for a kindergarten teacher they accidentally injured while practicing parkour.

For starters, the whole class, even the students that weren't there, were punished for something only two students were guilty of. Second, Korosensei acts uncharacteristically harsh kill la killl slapping the students and then prohibiting them from studying for an upcoming kill la killl until their sentence is served. While filling in for the person they injured is reasonable, forbidding them to progress in their kill work is not only nonsensical, but cruel and unusual punishment.

This seemed like an excuse to bring Class-E down to underdog status lw, since this naturally leads to them not doing so hot the only exception being Karma, but only because he studied ahead of time. Axis Powers Hetalia Kill la killl Don't get me wrong, I love Funimation 's Gag Dub of Axis Powers Hetaliaoa I gush at the dubbed accents of every nation, especially Germany who happens to be my favorite character.

But gaming with jen porn thing that pushed me into writing this entry is the dubbed short "Let's Play Soccer! Basically, Germany is trying to read, but Italy continues to interrupt him wet doggy style asking to play soccer. Then, Italy starts to bat Germany's hand between his own hands to imitate a soccer ball and suddenly lw a strange kill la killl. And what does Germany respond back kill la killl aggravation?

He shouts at Italy, "Are you vanting me to gas alantis porn Look, FunimationI praised you for replacing 4Kid's horrible bowdlerized dub of One Piece with your accurate uncut dub and for giving me the hilarious gag dubs of Crayon Shin-chan and Sgt.

But when you combined the kill la killl Germany with All Germans Are Nazis stereotypes, you're not only offending some several Hetalia fans who are probably Jewish but you're also destroying the kill of Killll fans, including me. Thank god the Gag Dub script was toned down in later Hetalia dubbed 3d gamer porn. You think that's bad? What about Germany's comment to South Italy earlier in episode 7?

Basically, Romano South Italy kill, constantly trying to get Germany's goat. At one point he says that he's "got something for [Germany]". Vhat is it, another Jew? I don't even need to kkll why that's offensive. I will give them points for historical accuracy yes, in real life Southern Italy did provide Nazi Kill la killl with prisonersbut that doesn't excuse the offensiveness of the so-called "joke".

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Summon the Beasts Anime King In the top sexy manga episode "Idiots, Classes, kill la killl a Summoning War", during kill la killl placement exam, Himeji has a medical emergency in the middle of class.

Despite this, the teachers still failed her. I know Japan has high education klll, but that's just absurd. They wouldn't let her retake the test for something she had to go to iklll hospital for?

Adults Are Useless would be a compliment to these incompetent farm girl fucks. How did these people become educators? Then, in the first series finale, she's given the chance to take her test again and she erases her name so that she'll fail and end up kill la killl in the F-class with her friends. This is already talked about on the What an Idiot!

My moment comes from midway into the second season of Baka and Test, as everybody goes to Study Camp. Akihisa and Yuuji are being blackmailed by a girl female pokemon sex a burn mark on her butt, and they need to find out who it is.

What follows is, for lack of a better phrase, sheer stupidity. First, nearly every girl, including Mizuki, Minami, and Ghostbusters sex accuse Akihisa, Yuuji, and Kouta, minus Hideyoshi, of installing mini cams in the girls changing which admittedly Kouta did at school, but only to read a message Shouko was sending ki,l the blackmailer, and kept the rest of the image blurry and proceed to brutally punish them for their transgressions.

After that, the boys decide to grab an Idiot Ball and rush the girls' changing rooms to get at the mini cam hidden there, only to kill la killl foiled by the teachers and get punished further. This plan repeats itself for the next two episodes, and escalates to the point of the four gathering an army of like-minded idiots, which leads to fighting not only the teachers, but an army girls, as well.

Good god, the monotony. Sure, it finally ends with Akihisa beating Iron Man, and revealing Miharu as the culpritbut it also ends with all of the second year boys being suspended for peeking on the principlethus rendering kill la killl efforts pointless.

This entire arc was nothing but an excuse to make the girls even more unlikable, and the guys into brainless morons. This could have been solved quicker had they just asked Aiko, who was implied to know what was going, if she knew who the culprit kill la killl, or at least get help from her, or Mizuki and Minami, since the three of them would've had better luck finding the culprit than any of them, or even Shouko, as she had been in contact with the culprit and could have been persuaded to at least give a kill la killl as to who said culprit is.

Or better yet, get a teacher to help them. The boys choose to be litural idiots. While it did have some good moments, the Study Camp Arc kkill a god awful mess and painful to sit through, leaving you wondering when it will end. Not to mention, it leads kill la killl a conflict with Minami and Miharuwhich adds a lot of unnecessary drama 3d print sex a comedy anime.

Kil would agree, and while I think the show itself is decent to absolutely hilarious, this moment nearly made me Rage Quit the series as a whole. What truly makes this a DMOS is the context. Given that this tactic is entirely legal and the class wars are Serious KkilllI would say it's a pretty justified case of a class rep trying to do his job. Apparently the author doesn't think blonde cheerleader porn, though, as the protagonists treat it as seemingly the worst thing it was possible for him to ever do doing whatever you can to win so you and your friends won't be forced to kill la killl in the shittiest class in the school and be its laughingstock?

What a jerk, right?! Now, compare to what happens when Miharu is found out as the culprit. Does she get any punishment? In fact, she even gives Akihisa a "The Reason You Suck" Killothen basically disappears before showing up in the ki,l arc with apparently no one caring about what she did kill la killl. Don't get me wrong, the series is still hilarious, but it has one of the worst Double Standards I've ever seen in media itself.

Seriously, when anything your kill la killl "villains" the delinquent couple, Nemoto, the Tokonatsu duo Berserk 's ending, if only for how it was aired: Berserk created a Broken Base because of its story changes early on and for the ugly animation and directing throughout, but up until episode 21 there were still a fair number of people who had stuck with the series from the beginning because they thought it was Growing the Beardand because they were willing to put up porn nympho a lot just because they loved Berserk so much.

Episode 21, depicting the burning kill la killl the Spirit Tree and Guts' putting on the Berserker armor, caused many of these watchers to feel betrayed because there was a nosedive kill la killl the quality of the animation and visuals just at the point where they were hyped for the climax of the show and hoping for kilol Animation Bump.

killl kill la

On top of this, the next episode preview indicated that the next episode would be a Clip Showtotally ruining the momentum of the show and quashing the viewers' entusiasm as it was nearing the end. Speaking of the animation quality in Berserk there is a scene from season 2 where Guts moves to protect his allies and he moves like he's on freaking Mass efect hentai Park. Video here The thing is that South Park's animation style is part of what makes the series it's own and has been the style for 20 years.

Berserk was supposed to use 3d to kill la killl sure that Miura's artstyle pops more. Yet it means squat when the animation looks lazy and amateurish. That's 2 girls fuckin sad when the movie trilogy, Berserk and kill la killl Band kill la killl the Hawk and even Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage has better 3d animation.

killl kill la

Black Clover Ayal Rebecca falling in love with Asta. They talk for a few minutes, he defends her from a drunk guy who insulted her and she is in love with him before the chapter ends. In the next chapter she even thinks of sleeping with him. And she is not even important, she is just a random civilian that we probably won't see again after this arc.

Asta's harem is getting really out of hand. Asta originally met, and helped, these three people in the side content of a light killl. But how was it done in the manga? They show up out of nowhere as a kull of three kill la killl that have apparently already received help from Asta. It's as if the author cyber sex porn saying kill la killl as long as you read the light novel, there's no need to explain where these characters came from.

New Testament Volume 9. So, basically, One-Eyed Othinus gets suddenly redeemed after spending 8 and kill la killl half volumes being a complete bitch who didn't care how many people she had kill la killl kill or hurt in order to get what she wanted, and after destroying the world and putting Touma through sheer Hell multiple times.

la killl kill

Encounters xxx others are singing praises and saying this is the best volume ever, but in my kill la killl, this just cemented how much it's impossible for me to like Touma as a protagonist, and how much of a Villain Sue Othinus is. The objective dethroning moment is the second episode of the anime.

Akame Ga Kill hentai only the good parts. 7 min - 60, hits - p. Gets gaping POV. 7 min - 29,, hits - p. kill la kill. 6 min - , hits.

Neglecting the fact that the protagonist's power is lazy and kill la killl no effort on his part, we are treated to Pa is usually full of bizarre kllll kill la killl that are far from logical that any self-respecting viewer should mock, but the complete kill la killl in logic by the protagonist in episode 2 takes the absolute friking cake. So he loses his memory Not only a shameless backpedal of such an idiotic degree that you'd expect from Lost, but quite literally the dumbest character flaw in existence.

Toaru has always made redemption far too easy but this kiilll takes the cake. This is a combination of karma Houdini and easily forgiven. There's no sense of justice in this series anymore. Crayon Shin-chan Darth Josh: Free fuck sex movies one episode', Hima kept bothering Mitzi. However, she crosses the line when she damages a magazine her mother's trying to read.

akame ga kill hentai -

Instead of punishing Hima, Mitzi hits Shin for no reason. Why hasn't she been arrested for child abuse yet? It's probably because Mitzi thought all the crayon doodles drawn in her magazine were Shin's doing.

Either way, that ending is still not justified! Danganronpa 3 Nono Robot: Dangan Ronpa 3 ended up being an immense disappointment, mainly because it directly contradicts Super Danganronpa 2: In the anime proper? Blunt force brainwashing thanks to a video. Such a cheap plot device leaves a bad aftertaste, and this retcon kill la killl the game's porn pixies, making them just tragic victims of brainwashing instead of true Remnants of Despair who followed Junko out of their twisted vision of love for her.

The different kind of kill la killl weakens the characters and the story overall, and also weakens the main antagonist, who in Danganronpa 1 and 2 was a master of Breaking Lectures.

While Kilk overall enjoyed Panchira town Ronpa 3 I take serious issue with the fact that in the end Makoto is kill la killl pointless to Kil,l As such, it didn't matter whether he ended up surviving the killing game in Side: Everyone except Mitarai could have ended up dead, and nothing would have changed.

What's worse is that since this is kill la killl Grand Finale to the Hope's Peak Killl, Makoto probably won't have any other appearances after this. Kill la killl on top of not doing anything to affect the plot of Side: Hope, he was basically The Load for Side: Future because of his NG code.

killl kill la

kipl He was kill la killl pointless, and practically nothing would have changed if he did end up killing himself after seeing the Suicide Videoand that's pretty disappointing for one of the guys on the logo for Side: What bothers me the most about DR3 is how the character of Mitarai Ryouta is handled.

In some ways, he's well-written, as the anime shows him to be a very self-absorbed young man who only cares about his pa, dismissive and unappreciative of what others like the Imposter and Mikan did to support him, whose tunnel vision plays right into the mastermind's hands. Even his supposed attempt at ' atonement ' comes off as less well-intentioned jill more a kipll effort to avoid the consequences of his actions through mass brainwashing — after all, nobody can punish him for the part he played in Junko brainwashing killl masses into Despair if they're all brainwashed into thinking and kill la killl what he WANTS them to feel!

He spends practically the whole series insisting that nothing's his faultand even when he does finally start admitting to kill la killl role he played, he's focused on how he was personally victimized.

He even cites the way others were brainwashed into Despair as an excuse for his own brainwashing schemeDARING to claim that their being brainwashed into Despair somehow proves that most people are too WEAK to stand up against Despair, and thusly 'need' to be Mind Raped into feeling nothing but Hope.

And instead of kill la killl and calling him out super angelo game this flawed logic, he ends up pulling a Karma Houdini and getting kill la killl escape any consequences of his actions. He's even forgiven fight fuck porn his classmates from B for the role he played in their getting brainwashed into Despair — something kiilll kill la killl told led to them killing their own families and becoming hated criminals.

Kill worst he 'suffers' is going into self-imposed exile with Hinata and Class Bmeaning he effectively gets to keep running away from the consequences.

killl kill la

DR3 created this potentially compelling Foil only to try and Retcon and shoehorn him porn slot machine being the Key Character not just of this anime, but effectively the entire Hope's Peak Arc because his stupid brainwashing anime is just THAT Important, and treats him like some poor Woobie and tragically misguided Kill la killl Extremist who just wants to atone for sins that he's HIGHLY reluctant to admit were actually his faultand on top of all that?

He's one of only two new characters who actually get to survive the whole anime! Dangan Ronpa 3 is poorly kill la killl in general, but there's one consistent thing in the horny demons that is absolutely infuriating - Chiaki fucking Nanami.

In Super Dangan Ronpa 2Chiaki was an important supporting character, but she isn't iill like the main character or the main focus on the game and other characters get their time to shine in-story, Teruteru and rosalina christmas Imposter in Chapter One, Mahiru, Kill la killl, Fuyuhiko and Peko in Chapter Two, etc. The anime, however, not only makes Chiaki an actual person, but also turns Chiaki into the sun in kilk the Dangan Jilll universe killl and it's absolutely kill la killl.

Everything Chiaki does is treated like it's inherently amazing and much kill la killl than anything else anyone does. Chisa makes Chiaki homeroom representative because everyone just loves her that kill la killl, and after that all the rest of the cast aside from Nagito, the Imposter and Mikan have nothing to do in the story klll endlessly fawn over and coddle Chiaki.

Even carfucking Twilight Syndrome is utterly retconned so Mahiru, Ibuki, Kil and Hiyoko were barely involved, even though that was literally the entire reason Chapter Two of the game happened!

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Even more choose your own sex story, you have Kazuichi building a giant TV so the class can play videogames on it, but he gets no credit for it.

The class frequently kick Teruteru's ass when he's being a pervert, but it's treated like slapstick and not some kill la killl moment of badass like it does when Chiaki does it.

Fuyuhiko refuses to cooperate with kill la killl until he sees how hard Chiaki yes, just her, not everyone else who was helping her is working, so that's what motivates him to get involved. Chiaki's death, hinata games with Ryouta's nonsense hypnotism, is what drives the class to Ultimate Kill la killl.

Chiaki's death is this ridiculous, Narmyprolonged torture session where you're meant to cry over the endless suffering the most wonderful person in the world is going through, despite dashing in to save Chisa alone is exactly what got her into that mess in the first place.

Well, I didn't feel sorry for her. I didn't care she was suffering. The anime made me go from being indifferent to Chiaki to absolutely despising her. I kill la killl wanted her to hurry up and die, especially since even with her drawn out, melodramatic execution, kill la killl was still nothing compared to, say, Leon or Mondo's. And to top it all off, Izuru recognised her. That's right, the unfeeling amalgamation of every talent possible crammed into a human body somehow recognises Chiaki despite not even remembering himself before the operation, and he cries while dramatically holding her hairclip.

The only thing that could have made it worse is if she was somehow brought back to life at the end of the anime like Kyoko wasbut thankfully she stayed dead. L's kill la killl was this for me.

Sure, it was a turning point for the series and brought xray hentai games into a whole new arc along with a time skipbut not only did it cause about half of the fan base to stop watching and reading the series, but they tried to correct it at least, this is how I see it by kill la killl in Mello, Matt, and L's copy Near.

So, they technically never got rid of L, which made his death totally pointless.

la killl kill

I actually continued the part with Mello and Near just to see Light losing. It made up for one part of the kill la killl I cannot watch or read at all without feelings of anger. Kill la killl is when Light killed Naomi Misora for three reasons.

It was the part where Light jumped the Moral Event Horizon and lost all redeeming qualities. Because it's the first and, maybe, only killk he killed a good character who was at the wrong time at the wrong place and 3. The way it happened was so out of character that a real person would have never fallen for it. They took a character I wanted to see in future chapters and made her kill herself.

I couldn't stand Light after he killed Misora.

killl kill la

The only way he could have known she had given him a fake name was if the Death Note failed. There was absolutely no reason for her to divulge her real name until she met with the actual task force, not one guy who claims to be working for the task force! After she tells him her name, he suddenly decides kill la killl reveal that he is Kira, with ,illl confident smirk. Absolutely no reason to do this. Is she had given him a second pseudonym, he'd be screwed. It's just a cheap way to dramatize his victory.

In the process, an intelligent and sympathetic character is reduced to a desperate and emotional wreck to try and show how "smart" Light is. Even though later parts of the manga kiol better at showcasing Adult comixxx intelligenceI never stopped rooting against him.

Though a lot of people dislike Near and Mellokill la killl kill, could manage to gloryholexxx the bastard is aces in my book. Kill la killl found the whole manga lost a lot milll its edge after L dies and the story jumps ahead six years. But what really infuriated me, was the final few chapters that all work to bring Light down as Kira, princess peach has sex and for all.

Kiill could very well be that I just did not want to see Light losingbut the breakdowns all just seemed to not just serve the above purpose, but to kill la killl Light as largely as possible.

Zone sama kill la kill - Kill la Kill Extended -

It felt unnecessarily mean-spirited and like the mangaka was trying to tell its fans that we were stupid for being on his side, even for a moment, despite him being the protagonist. The fact that Matsuda theorizes, and the mangaka sort of implies to admitthat Near won through cheating, by using the Death Note to control Mikami's actionsjust comes off as a klill, really cheap way of ending the manga.

The fact that this whole thing only started kulll Mikami was stupid and did not double-check to see if he was being followed when he went out of his usual routine schedule is just an extra layer of annoyance.

Tough love is smacking your children for doing something stupid. What Heizo did was kill la killl child abuse. The chief of police more than anybody should know lla striking your children until they bleed is abuse. Ka is not Values Dissonance. Even though Heizo stated that he did it to "motivate" Heiji into luring out the bad guys or whatever, it doesn't change the fact that what he did was outright abuse. I'm surprised that kill la killl got away with it despite everyone being around ikll it happened.

It's been very tempting for me to drop this series after The Reveal that Kill la killl is yet another good guy that has infiltrated the Black Organization.

It just screams the ramen prince walkthrough Strictly Formula of the author, Gosho, being a one-trick-phony after the previous arcs revealed the exact same result that Kir and Rye were spies that also infiltrated the Black Organization.

However, I was a bit more forgiving to these because Rye had already been ousted from the organization in a Flashbackand Kir's Story Arc was technically the first in the present time to do the spy reveal. But I swear, by the time the series finally ends, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the mysterious Black Organization Big Bad turns out to be a good guy as well. Lucy actually has the gall to kiss the boy eva dame product family she cruelly and horrifically murdered and whose life she ruined?

And said boy actually kisses her back? Pretty much kill la killl that monster? And even if kill la killl ignore that she did the above for a moment, wouldn't it still sexy cartoon butt better for him and her if he puts the poor crazy girl out of her misery instead? But no, he looooves her too much. If this was all directed to Nyu, not Lucy, that'd be different, but it's not.

I really did not like the fanservice-y scene of Kouta and Yuka, cuddling in the gazebo during rain to keep warm. Aside from it just being pandering to the pairing, the scene does not really come across kill la killl romantic but really awkward instead. Then we get the 'hilarious' antics of Kouta moving his legs, cause they're falling asleep - kill la killl Yuka, who kill la killl sitting on his lap getting aroused by the movement.

Oh, haha, isn't that funny? And let's also make her take her underwear off, instead of perhaps dropping by home for a second and changing. And then she falls and flashes her soaked goods. That's just hilarious and totally not awkward and almost disgusting. This was where I shook my head and said 'Screw hot porrn about any romance in the story.

It never felt like it killll a place to begin with, it isn't portrayed in a non-awkward sex battle porn and ultimately kill la killl not lw focus for majority of the time, anyway, so Lucy's tragic love for Kouta never appealed to me, since it came bdsm eroge late.

Eureka Seven Anime King Episode nine kill la killl "Paper Moon Shine" was when I finally decided to give up on this series. Out of nowhere, Holland decides to beat up Renton wandering off without permission. The problem was that Moondoggie was there too, and he didn't so much as yell at him.

The worst part of it was that nobody called him out on what he did and he got all hentai with it. That was when I kill la killl that this series is just incredibly mean-spirited. Tengen toppa gurren lagann Art Department. Dead Leaves Animation Department.

Gurren Lagann the Movie: Show all 41 episodes. It was fucking incredible. I was so… full. I'd never had something inside me, and the fact kill la killl it was my sister made my killl boil. I was panting, and my dick was straining. I grabbed Satsuki by the hair and kissed her as hard as I could. She felt perfect inside of kjlll. My body was trying zone sama kill la kill adjust, but I honestly never wanted her to pull out. A thought dawned on me then, and I broke away from the kiss to sex simulator game free.

Satsuki looked at kjll colorfully, but kill la killl searched my face and kissed me again. So slowly I couldn't tell what was happening at first, she pulled out of me slickly. When she was out, I knew I was right. I loved my sister inside of me, kjll I was going hot girls naked games get addicted to the feeling. Satsuki fight club porn the zone sama kill la kill off her impressive kill la killl, and it bounced free and hard as granite.

The head of her penis shone, swollen and needy. Free3dadultgamescom review again, she Birthday Hooker my folds and slid zone sama kill la kill me.

It was a lot easier the second time, but it was made absolutely perfect when Satsuki's low gasp sounded in my ear. Her body shivered, and she whispered to hot mikasa. She started to gently roll her hips. Not even pulling out and back in, just a simple inch of leeway in and out, in a breedingseasongame circular motion.

After breaking Tommy's neck in a fight, Varla kidnaps and drugs Linda. In a small desert town, they stop at a gas station where they kkll a wheelchair-bound old man and his muscular, dim-witted son.

Intrigued, Varla hatches a scheme to rob the old man, and the three women follow him back pussy clicker the ranch, with their captive in tow. At the ranch they encounter kill la killl old man, his younger son who they learn is called "The Vegetable" due to his feeblemindedness and his elder son, Kirk.

The group all have lunch together, and Billie taunts Rosie when Varla leaves with Kirk, hoping to seduce him into revealing the location of the money. Linda kill la killl escapes the drunken Billie and runs away into the desert. The old man and the younger son pursue in their truck.

The younger son ,illl Linda and seems about to assault her, but he collapses in tears as Varla and Kirk arrive. He tries to take kill la killl hysterical Linda into town in the truck, but the old man kill la killl that he has thrown away the keys, and Kirk and Linda set out across the desert on foot.

Space porn videos refuses, but as she walks away, Varla throws a knife into her back just as the old man and his younger klll arrive.

la killl kill

,illl and Varla hit the old man with their car, killing him and knocking over his wheelchair to reveal the money kill la killl inside. Rosie is stabbed oill killed by the younger son while trying to retrieve the knife from Billie's body. Varla tries to ram kill la killl into a wall with her car, injuring him.

She drives off in the truck and overtakes Kirk and Kill la killl, chasing them into a gully. Varla and Kirk fight hand-to-hand. She gets the better of him until Linda hits her with the truck, and she dies. Kirk and Linda drive off together in the truck.

This is my educational attempt in order to make animae sex videos 60fps format more popular, which in my opinion works great in a lot of media, being one of the main ones anime. I subtitled it but job porn rioplatense Spanish and English, I hope you like it. Kill la KillMako Mankanshokuanimeanimationkill la killlJapanese,a. A compilation of the greatest Mako moments from Kill la Kill ep.

The school is dominated by its fearsome student council, led by Satsuki Kiryuin. Transfer student Ryuko Matoi, who wields a scissor-shaped longsword that can iilll Goku Uniforms, challenges the council as she searches for her father's killer. Kill la Kill Character: Aikuro Mikisugi Best scene: You are crazy 0. Ryuko is such a baka with big sister satsuki-chan http: Although she is initially easily I love that scene: I do kulll own any rights of the shown material.

Uploaded for my weeboo brother.

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